EAG - Emergency Administrative Group

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Who We Are

The Emergency Administrative Group (EAG) consists of leadership from Emergency Departments across Ontario. This group meets quarterly to discuss burning topics that are at the forefront of the provision of Emergency care. The content of these meetings is decided my the group in advance to ensure those topics presented are pertinent in today’s Emergency Medicine service landscape.

Heather Campbell - Chair EAG

With 20 years of progressive health care experience Heather is a Registered Nurse (Hons.) and holds both a BScN (Hons.) as well as her ENCC. She is currently working on her Master’s degree with a focus on leadership and innovation. She previously held positions as an Emergency Department Clinical Manager and Clinical Instructor, Patient Care Manager Critical care, and most recent Program Director of Emergency and Primary Care.

Some of Heathers professional accomplishments include improving the patient experience and flow within the ED, successful implementation of initiatives that support the current pay for results targets as well as continued professional practice and education for critical care nurses.

On a personal note Heather is a proud mother raising 3 children with her husband while working full time and continuing her education.

Helen Romas - Vice Chair and Treasurer

Linette Margallo - Secretary Vice Chair

Since beginning her nursing career at the Hospital for Sick Children in 1999, Linette has spent the vast majority of her time in the Emergency Department, first as a staff nurse, progressing into the role of ED Advanced Nursing Practice Educator, then as the Senior Manager, and currently as Clinical Director - Emergency Department, Registration & Inpatient Surgical Units. Throughout her years as a SickKids ED nurse, Linette has enjoyed educating new nurses and developing emerging leaders through coaching and mentorship. Driven by data and the challenge of meeting the demand of growing ED visits, some of Linette's professional accomplishments include collaborating with inpatient units to create streamlined processes for patients admitted through the ED, and building capacity in the ED team to take a balanced approach to continuous process improvement aimed at efficiency while improving quality & patient safety. Linette holds a Bachelor of Science (with a major in Exceptionality in Human Learning), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Nursing.

Linette strives for a balanced approach at home, too, where she is a proud mother of a six-year old son and wife to her husband of 12 years.



To provide a forum that facilitates communication, education and support for emergency administrators.


  • Establish a network for communication, support, education, resources and information sharing for emergency services administrators.
  • Liaison with Emergency Services Networks/LHINs
  • Provide education program sessions for members.
  • Support and promote objectives and goals of the National Emergency Nurses Association and Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario.
  • Support the MOH Guidelines for operation of emergency departments in Ontario.
  • Have an active voice and proactive approach with government, LHINs and other agencies.


  • Administrators (managers and program directors) of emergency departments/hospital-based urgent care centers in Ontario. Special Consideration for other members will be made by the Executive
  • The annual membership fee will be collected each September and the membership group as a whole will determine the fee.

    • There will be a president, secretary and treasurer appointed to the executive with a term of office being two years.
    • Nominations and elections will be held in September.
    • The executive will meet at the call of the president to ensure ongoing communication with all members.


    Members are welcome to bring their educators, resource nurses, nursing coordinators provided the chair is notified in advance of the meeting and there is available space. Members and guests can connect via video and teleconferencing.


    • Meetings will be held four times per year.
    • Meeting locations will alternate between different hospitals.
    • The executive may call additional meetings.


    • The secretary will circulate the agenda and minutes no later than 7-14 days prior to the meetings.



    • The president will be an active member of the emergency administrators group.
    • Will be responsible for facilitating all meetings / or appointing an acting chair in his/her absence.
    • Will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the executive.
    • Will act as a liaison to external organizations/government divisions.


    • The secretary will be an active member of the emergency administrators group.
    • Will prepare and circulate the agenda and minutes prior to each meeting.
    • Will appoint a temporary secretary is absent from a meeting.
    • Will be the contact person for submission of agenda items or information required from other interested parties.


    • The Treasurer will be an active member of the emergency administrators group.
    • Will maintain a log of paid members.
    • Will maintain a balance of account and report the balance to the membership.

    Reviewed/Revised November 2010